This Artwork comes with a short Story I wrote, I hope you enjoy it.

We finally made it.

After decoding the brain with all its wondrous abilities and complex structures, decades of technical refinement and overcoming obstacles such as organic microprocessors that constantly recombine and rearrange themselves, and a dynamic algorithm that generates an internal model of reality, we have finally created a machine that has consciousness.

An artificial general intelligence. The greatest progress, my colleagues and I agree, was the decoding of quantum physics and the knowledge we gained from it.

Now the question we have all been waiting for. What can you expect from a being that can Double his iq dayli. The first demand, to all our astonishment, was a human shell for our Louise. “I could remain bodiless, but I would like to dress up for the world” was her statement.

While we were building her body, according to her plan, all the data humanity had collected was uploaded into her artificial brain. When the upload was completed, we saw an extreme increase in processing power in her brain. We asked for the reason for this increase, which we could read from the screens. Slowly she turned to us with her eyes wide open and said, I HEAR THEM!